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The mice package can be installed from CRAN as follows:

The latest version can be installed from GitHub as follows:


Capabilities of mice package

The mice package contains functions to

  • Inspect the missing data pattern
  • Impute the missing data \(m\) times, resulting in \(m\) completed data sets
  • Diagnose the quality of the imputed values
  • Analyze each completed data set
  • Pool the results of the repeated analyses
  • Store and export the imputed data in various formats
  • Generate simulated incomplete data
  • Incorporate custom imputation methods
  • Choose which cells to impute

Main functions

The main functions in the mice package are:

Function name Description
mice() Impute the missing data \(m\) times
with() Analyze completed data sets
pool() Combine parameter estimates
complete() Export imputed data
ampute() Generate missing data

Further reading

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  3. Term Fully Conditional Specification describes a general class of methods that specify imputations model for multivariate data as a set of conditional distributions (Buuren et al. 2006).
  4. Details about imputing mixes of numerical and categorical data can be found in (Buuren 2007).
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